Produce Great Students

Our community needs the Board of Education to focus its attention on, and make decisions for, the success and achievement of all students to be competitive in both the global and local workforce.

Support Skilled Educators

We value our teachers and staff and believe that the Board of Education must assure opportunities for professional development and good working conditions. Every school must be a place where teachers want to teach and students learn.

Support Diversity

Our community expects schools and curriculum that reflect a diverse world-providing exposure for students to many races, languages, arts, cultures, economic levels and ideas.

Use Resources Efficiently

Our community expects the school system to wisely make the most of our limited resources. We support fair growth funding at a level equal to or greater than the national average per student.

Provide Student Stability

To the extent that growth in our community permits, we believe that student re-assignments should be minimized, and that calendar continuity should be available for all families.

Foster Partnerships

We value a school system that fosters partnerships between teachers, administrators, parents, businesses and the community as a whole, with communication and open dialogue as a part of every strategic change.

Model Educational Excellence

Every school must be a place where teachers want to teach and students learn. As a key component of our community’s quality of life, our community expects our schools to achieve a global reputation for excellence.