WCPSS History: Office of Civil Rights Complaint

9/17/10 “Legal strategies for challenging resegregation” on tap at NAACP-led gathering in Raleigh next Saturday (Sept. 25) “Civil rights groups have promised to take the Wake County Board of Education to court if its new student assignment plan – still a work in progress, if progress is the right word – would result in resegregation of the school system.”

9/25/10 NAACP files complaint against Wake County schools “The complaint asks the U.S. Justice Department and the Office of Civil Rights in the U.S. Department of Education to overturn an effort by a five-member majority on the Wake County Board of Education to replace a decade-old student assignment policy that included a focus on socioeconomic diversity.”

9/25/10 NAACP files complaint over Wake Co. schools “We’ve prayed, we’ve talked, we’ve walked, we’ve tried nonviolent civil disobedience,” the Rev. William Barber, head of the state NAACP, told The Associated Press before a Saturday news conference to announce the complaint. “We have tried every other option.”

9/28/10 Understanding the complaint filed against the Wake County schools “For those looking to get a real grasp on the Title VI complaint filed by the NAACP and others against the Wake County school board, we have posted the complaint along with an appendix and four separate exhibits filed with it. Just click on any of the links below to view the documents.”

12/7/10 Feds meet with Wake schools officials over segregation claims “Officials with the U.S. Department of Education were in Raleigh Tuesday to meet with Wake County Public School System administrators about allegations of racial bias in area schools.”

3/9/11 Wake schools didn’t keep busing for diversity records “School district leaders in Wake County are turning over hundreds of documents to federal investigators in response to a charge that a controversial new student assignment policy will create unequal, high-poverty schools, but some requested data was missing.”

3/9/11 Federal investigators to meet with Wake school board members “Federal investigators from the Office for Civil Rights are coming to Raleigh in April to meet with Wake County school board members about a complaint filed by the state NAACP.”

3/15/11 Civil rights investigators to talk with Wake schools officials “Federal investigators from the U.S. Office for Civil Rights have an interview scheduled with Wake County schools Superintendent Tony Tata Wednesday, a district spokesman said.”

4/3/11 Wake school board to OCR: Diversity policy was unfair “The Wake County Board of Education released data last week that calls the school system’s former busing for diversity practice into question, alleging it failed to close the achievement gap between white and minority students and placed “unfair burdens” on poor students.”

5/4/11 Federal civil rights investigators hear community thoughts on Wake schools “Nearly a year after filing a federal complaint against Wake County Schools, the state NAACP and others got the chance voice their concerns directly to those investigating it.”