WCPSS History: Assignment Zones & Choice Plan

9/8/10 The future of school zones: Uh, oh. “Wait, wasn’t the whole idea of junking the diversity policy that it would put an end to “massive reshuffling” in the Wake school system?”

9/13/10 Wake County parents voice concerns over student-assignment zones “The concern over the assignment zones is the latest rumblings of discontent toward the school board, which has dealt with protests from the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP and a number of community groups over its move away from the diversity policy.”

9/16/10 Chamber, nonprofit hire ‘controlled choice’ schools consultant “Chamber officials said that Alves, an expert with 35 years of experience crafting student assignment plans, will produce an assignment plan within the next two months.”

9/17/10 Wake leaders strike back on schools “For months, the leadership of Wake County’s business and education establishment has watched with alarm as a new school board assembled a student assignment policy that could lead to high-poverty schools in Southeast Raleigh.”

9/23/10 Bad medicine “Why the push? Board Chairman Ron Margiotta and his sidekick, board member John Tedesco, acknowledge a goal of a new plan (thus far a model with 16 zones) in place early won’t be easy. So why aren’t they listening to McLaurin, who cautioned of the rush, “It’s a mistake. It’s got to be thoughtful and thorough.”

9/28/10 Looking for the best assignment plan “It is now clear after ten months on the job that the members of Gang of Five majority on the Wake County Board of Education either didn’t understand how difficult it would be to develop a new student assignment plan for the largest school system in North Carolina or really didn’t care as long as they dismantled the current one.”

9/28/10 Panel proves proposed Wake school map is ‘fluid,’ voting for changes “Exactly how many areas and students wound up in different proposed zones was unclear after the meeting.”

1/13/11 Maintaining racial diversity in schools “America’s strength has always been a function of its diversity, so it is troubling to see North Carolina’s Wake County School Board taking steps to reverse a long-standing policy to promote racial diversity in its schools [“In N.C., a new battle on school integration,” front page, Jan. 12].”

2/7/11 Alves plan for student assignment to be unveiled Friday “The Alves plan is long-awaited and arrives none too soon: The Wake school board majority is in the process of piecemeal reassignments affecting 3.500 students next year – and not in a good way.”

2/11/11 Wake school board members open to ‘school choice’ plan “At least three Wake County school board members spoke out favorably Friday about a new student assignment plan on the table that authors say will not only meet the school board’s goal of community schools but also ensure all students get an opportunity to succeed.”

2/15/11 Wake superintendent takes lead in student assignment plan “The Wake County Board of Education moved Tuesday to disband its Student Assignment Committee and await input from the new superintendent on how students are assigned to schools across the county.”

2/11/11 The Alves/WEP/Chamber Plan: Parents choose the schools – mostly “And diversity? The parent-choice method will “promote diversity,” its sponsors say, but indirectly rather than as a goal in and of itself.”

2/11/11 Business leaders unveil Wake student assignment plan “Wake County business leaders unveiled a school choice student assignment plan Friday that they hope will please people on both sides of the debate.”

3/8/11 Tata assembles student assignment team “Wake County’s school superintendent has temporarily reassigned six members of his staff to devote themselves entirely to implementing the school system’s new student assignment policy.”

4/28/11 Board members get preview of Tata’s student assignment plan “Wake County school Superintendent Tony Tata began sharing his vision for student assignment Thursday with members of the Board of Education.”

5/26/11 Next week: 9 public hearings set on Blue & Green options for Wake schools “Tony Tata wants your emails or your comments in person re: his Blue Plan and his Green Plan for making student assignments in Wake starting with the 2012-13 school year.”

5/23/11 Two Wake student assignment proposals to be unveiled “Parents of students in the Wake County Public School System will get their first chance Monday to look at what student assignment could be like under a new policy that moves away from socio-economic diversity as the sole criteria for placing children in schools.”

5/23/11 Blue vs. Green: Which school assignment plan will better protect Wake County values? “Strap on your skates, public participators: Wake Schools Superintendent Tony Tata put a competing pair of school assignment plans on the table today along with a schedule that would see him recommending one or the other to the school board in about three weeks.”

6/10/11 In Tata we trust? Thoughts on a Friday re: Blue vs. Green “I wrote a column in this week’s Indy about the challenges to public education in Wake County and North Carolina. At The News & Observer, one of their blogger-reporters picked it up, characterizing it as “firing shots” at the Blue plan for student assignment in Wake. Whereupon I heard from several people who asked, “I thought you were for the Blue plan?”

6/8/11 The issues behind the color-coded Wake County schools plans “Apropos of our Best of the Triangle issue, let me offer one more thing for which the Triangle itself is tops: We are the best place in America to observe whether public education as we know it will survive.”

6/8/11 Parents, NAACP focused on Wake student assignment “A new student assignment plan for Wake County schools remains a top concern for many parents.”

6/3/11 Single proposal for Wake school assignment expected in June “Wake schools superintendent Tony Tata said Friday that he hopes to recommend a single plan for student assignment to the school board in a little more than two weeks.”

6/24/11 Ron Margiotta on not setting aside too many achievement choice seats “Wake County school board chairman Ron Margiotta gave a foretaste of what  could be one of the big fights ahead on the adoption of the new student  assignment plan.”

6/28/11 Nearly 14K households test Wake schools assignment plan “Nearly 14,000 Wake County households participated in a trial run of a proposed student assignment plan expected to go before the local school board for approval this fall, a school system spokesman said Tuesday.”

6/24/11 Margiotta splits with Tata over the Blue plan’s achievement goal “In the interview, Margiotta differed with Tata over how many seats to  reserve in the designated high-achievement schools for kids coming for  reasons of low-achievement.”

6/22/11 Yellow light for Wake schools Blue plan “Sure enough, while Blue enjoyed a smooth ride through the Wake suburbs, it  coughed and sputtered in Southeast Raleigh and Eastern Wake  County-critical rough spots for a controlled-choice plan that is heavily dependent on parents’ involvement if it’s to succeed.”

6/21/11 Tata unveils assignment proposal that boosts parental choice “Wake County schools Superintendent Tony Tata presented a student assignment  proposal that he says prioritizes parental choice to the school board  Tuesday.”

6/20/11 School system reaches out for more feedback on assignment plan “Members of the task force that studied how to best implement a new student  assignment policy for Wake County schools reached out to the community  Monday to get more parents’ input on a proposed course of action.”

6/19/11 Wake parents encouraged to test student assignment proposal “Wake County schools are holding a series of outreach events this week to get more parents involved in figuring out how one proposed student  assignment plan would work.”

6/17/11 Test drive for Wake student assignment proposal extended “More Wake County parents are needed to take part in a trial run of one  proposed student assignment plan, schools Superintendent Tony Tata said  during his weekly press conference Friday.”

8/11/11 New Wake student assignment plan remains under review “Wake County schools Superintendent Tony Tata said on Thursday that the financial implications of the new student assignment plan remains under review.”

10/4/11 Blog: Wake school board discusses the assignment plan “Wake County school board members are getting their first look Tuesday at a new student assignment plan aimed at giving parents more choices about where their students go to school.”

10/4/11 Long-awaited assignment plan called ‘Wake County’s plan’ “Wake County school board members have gotten their first look at a long-awaited student assignment plan aimed at giving parents more choices when it comes to where their children go to school.”

10/5/11 School board candidates weigh in on Wake assignment plan “Initial response to a plan for how the Wake County Public School System will assign students under a new assignment policy is mostly positive, so far, among the 14 candidates vying for five seats on the school board that will oversee and carry it out.”


10/13/11 Vote scheduled for Wake student assignment plan “North Carolina’s largest public school district is voting on a controversial student assignment policy two days after elections decided control of what happens over the next two years.”

10/12/11 Elections might not derail Wake student assignment plan “The election of four Democratic-backed candidates and a run-off for the final seat on the Wake County Board of Education might not necessarily mean big changes to a new student assignment policy that’s been two years in the making.”

12/16/11 Tata reassures real estate agents about assignment plan “Wake County schools Superintendent Tony Tata met Friday with local real estate agents to answer questions they have about how the district will soon be assigning students.”

1/10/12 Student assignment plan will move forward on schedule “Despite lingering concerns, the Wake County student assignment plan will move forward on schedule without any changes.”

1/10/12 Wake school board: Go, or no-go on Tata assignment plan? “Well, fellow Wake County citizens, we’re down to it on Tony Tata’s student assignment plan, a controlled-choice plan with no base assignments for students:”

1/9/12 Questions linger about Wake student assignment plan “An outspoken critic of the old Wake County school board majority is calling on the new board to delay the district’s new way of assigning students to schools.”

1/6/12 Tata: Despite concerns, assignment plan is on track “Wake County Public School System Superintendent Tony Tata said Friday that, as far as he’s concerned, the district’s new choice-model student assignment plan is on track, despite some school board members wanting to put it on hold temporarily.”

1/4/12 Parents question Wake assignment plan’s feeder patterns “Wake County schools leaders say they have received mostly positive feedback on the new student assignment plan, which is set to take effect in two weeks, but a group of parents is asking the board to take another look at the feeder patterns before moving forward with the new plan.”

1/3/12 Last-minute changes proposed for Wake student assignment plan “Just two weeks before Wake County’s new student assignment plan is set to take effect, some school board members said they’re not comfortable supporting it and proposed last-minute changes.”

1/17/12 School choice selection begins Tuesday for Wake parents “Wake County parents will get the chance Tuesday to select what public schools they would like their children to attend next school year when the selection process begins for the school system’s new student assignment plan.”

1/17/12 New Wake school board MIA as assignment plan moves forward “They’re clearly not on the same page. But that’s not the problem so much as it is the fact that they don’t seem to be making much of an effort to get on the same page – i.e., to reach a consensus among themselves about how to move diversity forward.”

2/2/12 Wake County parents voice concerns over assignment plan “Dozens of parents concerned over where Wake County’s choice student assignment plan will take their children gathered at Martin Street Baptist Church in Raleigh on Thursday evening.”

2/23/12 First round of school choice wraps Friday “Parents of children in Wake County public schools have until Friday to choose the schools they want in the online selection process for the district’s new student assignment plan.”

2/22/12 75 Percent of Parents Made School Choices So Far “Reed’s diagnosis: “There’s a big rush to make this happen before anyone can say no and stop it.”

2/17/12 Group: Schedule shift hides cost of Wake assignment plan “A community group on Friday charged that the costs of the new student assignment plan for Wake County schools is being obscured by a proposed shift in school schedules for next fall.”

4/27/12 Tata defends assignment plan; apologizes for computer glitch “Wake County public schools Superintendent Tony Tata on Friday said he’s confident that most parents were satisfied with the results of the second and final round of the student assignment process, the results of which were announced Thursday afternoon.”

4/26/12 Wake schools to announce second round of choice results Thursday “The Wake County Public School System will release school assignments for a second round of parents and children Thursday afternoon, including those who submitted an application in choice-selection round two in April, those who are on a waiting list for their first choice and those who are still waiting for an assignment.”

6/12/12 Wake student assignment plan winding down first year “The devil is in the details for a few thousand families as the Wake County schools’ choice-based student assignment plan winds down its first year of use.”

6/19/12 Wake to look at assignment plan – again “Wake County parents might be excused if they’re feeling some déjà vu as the school board yet again takes up the issue of its student assignment policy Tuesday.”

6/19/12 Wake school board votes to change student assignment plan “After hours of heated debae Tuesday night, the Wake County school board voted just before 1 a.m. Wednesday to have school system staff revise the district’s choice-based student assignment plan just eight months after it was approved.”

7/9/12 As school begins, some parents still confused by ‘choice’ “As students enrolled in year-round schools returned to the classroom Monday, some parents still didn’t know what school their children were supposed to attend, and that created some tense moments at the headquarters of the Wake County Public School System.”

9/4/12 Apologies, anger as Wake school board deals with bus delays

“The Wake County Board of Education heard from angry parents and apologetic staffers Tuesday night on the issue of busing for 75,000 to 80,000 public school students across the county.”

9/4/12 Wake adds school buses to routes Tuesday

“More school buses hit the road in Wake County on Tuesday in an attempt by the school district to answer parent complaints about long delays, long rides and no-show buses that plagued the first week of school for students on a traditional calendar.”

9/17/12 New Wake student assignment plan ties ‘base’ schools to addresses

“Wake County school board members and the public will get their first look Tuesday at a revised student assignment plan that, school system leaders say, will link specific schools to every address in the district.”

9/19/12 New Wake assignment proposal combines choice, address-based models
“The Wake County Public School System is once again revising its student assignment plan, incorporating the old address-based model with the controlled choice method that debuted this school year.”

3/6/13 Emails detail chaos behind Wake schools transportation

“Chaos, distrust and frustration characterize angry parents’ concerns last year over Wake County Public School System busing problems at the start of the school year, according to nearly 3,500 pages of internal emails obtained by WRAL News through the Freedom of Information Act.”

3/6/13 Emails give insight into Wake County School system troubles

“There is now a better look at what was going on behind the scenes at the Wake County School System at the beginning of the school year as transportation problems left students stranded, led to the resignation of a senior administrator and ultimately, was one of the reasons the school board fired former superintendent Tony Tata.”

7/18/13 Tedesco proud of Wake school board tenure, despite controversy

“A day after announcing he wouldn’t seek re-election this fall, Wake County Board of Education member John Tedesco said there were a few things he could have done differently during his tenure, but that he was proud of the board’s accomplishments overall.”

6/13/14 Your weekend read: a close look at resegregation in America’s public schools

“During these past few busy months you may have missed the launch of ProPublica‘s “Segregation Now,” which takes a deep look at how how America’s schools have steadily resegregated since the Brown v. Board of Education federal ruling that was handed down sixty years ago.”