WCPSS History: Accreditation Threatened Due to Extreme Board Dysfunction

8/17/10 Accreditation group plans review of changes in Wake schools “The group sent a letter to Donna Hargens, school system interim superintendent, on July 28 outlining concerns and questions raised in a complaint filed in March.”

8/17/10 Accreditation Agency Reviewing Wake Co. School Board “Our primary concern is are they governing in the best interest of the students and the community and to not only look at the process they followed but the determination regarding student assignment,” Elgart said by phone.”

9/23/10 Organization threatens to strip Wake schools’ accreditation “A national organization that accredits high schools says it could strip Wake County schools of accreditation because of the “openly defiant” stance school district officials have taken toward a review by the group.”

9/23/10 Agency Threatens to Pull Wake Schools Accreditation “Unfortunately, the openly defiant nature of your correspondence makes engaging in the collegial process of accreditation services difficult. As I stated in our phone conversation, the Board’s refusal to comply with our requests is in direct violation of the AdvancED Policies and Procedures for Accredited Schools and constitutes grounds for dropping the accreditation of the Wake County Schools.”

9/24/10 Wake schools to meet with accreditation team “After a national organization that accredits high schools threatened to strip Wake County schools of accreditation, school district officials said Friday that they would comply with a review by the group.”

9/24/10 State NAACP accuses school board majority of arrogance for not cooperating with AdvancED “In a press release today, the NAACP argues the delay turning over the records requested by AdvancED shows the “delinquent, arrogant response of the Board.” The NAACP urges Wake to “start working together with international educational consultants and groups who want to advance excellence in education in Wake.”


9/26/10 Critical accreditation “I watched as every school decided I needed even higher scores on other entrance exams and was ineligible for scholarships since my high school diploma “didn’t count.”

1/11/11 Wake schools told to consider dropping accreditation “An administrator with a national accreditation group has suggested the Wake County Public School System consider withdrawing its accreditation in light of a pending review unless school officials “can move forward in a more collegial and collaborative manner,” according to e-mails made public Tuesday by the school district.”

1/12/11 Morrison opposes dropping Wake schools accreditation “Wake County school board member Carolyn Morrison says she will vote against any measure for the school system to leave a national accreditation group, and at least one community group is also speaking out against the idea.”

1/13/11 Wake schools review could happen without board’s help “We are prepared to come on site and meet with individuals that are willing to cooperate with us, and we will conduct our work with or without the cooperation of some or all of the members of the board of education,” Mark Elgart, president and chief executive officer of AdvanceEd, said Thursday.”

1/14/11 AdvanceEd CEO says Wake schools review is fair “The national accreditation group at odds with the Wake County Board of Education over whether an upcoming review of the panel’s effectiveness is unjust is standing by its insistence that the process will be fair.”

1/14/11 Accreditation agency not on board with Wake “An international school accreditation firm is describing the Republican majority on the Wake County School Board as confrontational.”

1/30/11 Wounded Wake School Board concedes to agency probe “When the Republican-led Wake County School Board came out of its 50-minute closed door session with it attorneys Tuesday morning, it was clear that the majority had a dramatic “come to Jesus” moment.”

2/18/11 Wake school officials meet with AdvancED for second day “Wake County school officials spent a second day Friday meeting with an accreditation team that’s reviewing how the school board does business.”

2/17/11 Accreditation group meets with Wake school board “A team from the national accreditation group AdvancED began its long-anticipated visit with the Wake County Board of Education Thursday, meeting with several board members and community groups.”

3/16/11 Wake schools keep accreditation, despite leadership concerns “Accreditation agency AdvancED released a report on Wake County high schools Wednesday, placing them on “accredited warned” status due to a lack of effective governance and leadership.”

3/16/11 Wake schools retain accreditation for now, but the report is blistering “Whew, the AdvancED team didn’t think much of the “governance” provided – since Dec. 2009 – by the Wake school board majority.”

3/17/11 NC NAACP applauds ‘scathing’ report of Wake schools “The head of the state NAACP said Thursday that he hopes the Wake County Board of Education will take seriously a “scathing report” by a national accreditation group.”

3/17/11 NAACP says it’s backed by Wake schools report “The North Carolina NAACP said Thursday that a new report from the accreditation group AdvancED backs its position on diversity changes within Wake County schools.”

6/15/11 General Assembly passes high school accreditation bill “State legislators have approved bills on high school accreditation and on the voting power of the Wake County school board chairman that have been sought by some local school board members.”

6/21/11 Wake school board reorganizes: Chaos ensues. “I’ll begin again, for the 4th time, when our school board returns. However,  as near as I can determine, the code of conduct for live-bloggers does  not require me to remain past the three-hour mark when there is so  little at stake. Not to say being vice chair of the school board is so  little. No, it’s less than little.”

11/29/11 Accreditation review focus again for Wake schools “Wake County’s school superintendent said Tuesday that the school board has made a number of positive changes in how it operates after a national group threatened to revoke accreditation for the district’s high schools.”

1/18/12 Wake school board rejects mediation in case against protesters “The Wake County Board of Education has not changed its mind about criminal action against four protesters who brought a school board meeting to a standstill in June 2010.”

1/26/12 Review finds ‘significant’ progress in how Wake schools operate “The Wake County Public School System and the school board have “demonstrated significant improvement” in how it operates, according to a report Thursday from a group that threatened to revoke accreditation for the district’s high schools.”

9/26/12 Accreditation agency concerned about Wake schools turmoil
“An Atlanta-based agency that accredits Wake County schools said Tuesday’s firing of Superintendent Tony Tata and other controversial decisions by the Wake County Board of Education could threaten the district’s accreditation status.”