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Tell Commissioners We Need $48M to Keep Great Schools In Wake, NO Cuts to Wake’s School Funding!

Read the school budget request.

The Wake Board of Education has put forth their 2018-19 budget request to the Wake County Commissioners on May 1st that included a $58.9 million requested increase in local funding. On May 10th, the Wake County Manager released his FY 2019 budget proposal that contains a $30 million increase in school funding, $28.9 million less than the school board’s requested increase to operate our schools.

Share your views on the proposed budget before commissioners vote to finalize the 2018-19 budget on June 4th. Let them know how you want them to spend YOUR tax dollars on our public schools.

Please show your support and tell commissioners to fund the $48M needed by the school board to maintain our current level of service to our 160,000 students. You can see all of the details of the request here.

Read more details in our newsletter.


We met with education leaders, researchers and advocates to review the school board’s proposed operating budget. We carefully analyzed both the school board’s requested budget and the County Manager’s overall proposed budget and we find both budgets to be commendable.

We recommend the following to our County Commissioners:

1) Fund $48M of the school board’s request of the $58.9M to ensure that our current level of service for our 160,000 children is maintained. Reducing our operating budget will jeopardize our current programs since our school board will have no choice but to make cuts in services to meet legislative obligations they cannot ignore by state statute.

2) Allocate the additional $18M over what is currently proposed by using existing and projected revenues and using the county’s ample fund balance (significantly larger than needed to have AAA bond rating). Revenue projected over the remainder of this year alone will replenish this expenditure.

3) Put School Bond Referendum On November 6th Ballot!

4) Seriously consider the expansion budget of $11M proposed by the school board to hire more counselors, social workers, school psychologists, and nurses. Wake also needs money to expand the number of children who can be served in the Academically Gifted Program – Wake is serving only about 4% of the identified students due to lack of funding. There are 4 times that many children identified who could use these services.

We urge Commissioners to find funds to increase both of these budget requests at some level this year. Our children need these support services.

We hope you will join us in this recommendation and sign the petition.

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