School Construction Bonds & Capital Improvement Plans

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UPDATE: Capital Improvement Plan for Wake County Schools 2017-2023

On June 20th, 2016  the Wake County Commissioners adopted an ordinance in support of the school system’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) FY 2017 – 2023

This is an historic move by the two boards and reflects a much improved process for developing a continuous long-term planning guide for the two boards, our 12 mayors and our citizens. Past conflicts between the Boards led to “crisis-to-bond” mentality. Moving from consternation to cooperation means both schoolchildren and taxpayers benefit. For this coming year it broadens the funding options for building new schools and renovating older schools.

This new approach to developing a CIP allows the plan to be a “rolling” plan, meaning that it will be adjusted at the end of each fiscal year and then extended year-by- year to keep the CIP “rolling” forward as part of a continuous planning process.

The School Board’s FY 2017 – 2023 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)—totaling $1.98 billion over seven years–includes plans for 14 new schools, 11 renovations, and other items including life cycle improvements, furniture and equipment, off-site infrastructure, land acquisition, other space needs, technology devices and infrastructure, mobile classroom relocations, program management, and program contingency.

What’s Next?  Projects that are debt funded are not appropriated until the debt is secured. The Commissioners authorized the first year of the seven-year plan on June 20th. For the subsequent years, commissioners have multiple options to fund projects, including general obligation bonds.

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