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10/17/14 State tells Baker Mitchell’s charter to provide legally required info or face sanctions

“As the Wilmington Star News reports this morning, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has told Baker Mitchell’s Charter Day School, Inc. to turn over required salary information of face the possibility of sanctions.”

10/16/14 Two more reminders of the damage to public education

“You have to give folks on the Right credit for one thing this election season. They are going all out to mislead people in North Carolina about the damage done to public education by the General Assembly in the last four years. And they are not letting the facts get in the way.”

10/16/14 School vouchers: A second look at fraud and abuse

“Since our last look at the rampant fraud and abuse of school voucher programs around the country, North Carolina has implemented its own voucher program that provides low-income students with funds to flee the public school system in exchange for a private education.”


10/16/14 Parents Continue to Discuss Student Assignment Plan with School Officials 

“David Ledwith, like some Wake County parents, is wondering where his children are going to school next year.”

10/16/14 CMS Looking To Add 2 New Schools, Renovate 2 Others

“The number of students who attend Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools continues to grow.”

10/13/14 Increasing Amount of Teachers Raising Money Through Crowdfunding 

“More and more teachers are raising money for school supplies through crowdfunding. It’s a way to gather donations online for their classrooms.”