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7/27/14 CMS Beacon plan will target 14 low-performing schools for change

“Amid a swirl of uncertainty about state testing and school letter grades, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is about to release its own list of 14 chronically struggling schools that will be targeted for intensive aid.”

7/25/14 Charter school bill loses LGBT protections

“Changes to the state’s charter school laws are headed to the governor’s desk – without a section banning discrimination against gay and lesbian children and families.”

7/25/14 House OKs bill that allows private charter school education management companies to keep their employees’ salaries secret

“House lawmakers approved legislation Friday that allows private, for-profit management companies that run charter schools to keep their employees’ salaries secret, even though they are paid with public funds.”


7/25/14 Technical corrections bill allows for-profit companies spots on North Carolina charter school boards

“Buried deep in a House technical corrections bill unveiled yesterday is a provision to allow staff of for-profit charter school management groups to serve on the boards of the public charters schools that contract with them.”

7/25/14 Charter school bill heads to governor’s desk

“A bill changing some rules for how charter schools operate in North Carolina is headed to the governor.”

7/24/14 Common Core backers: Standards are appropriate, flexible

“Since the beginning of this year, many legislators and critics have dubbed Common Core “developmentally inappropriate.”

7/24/14 Houston recruiters return to woo NC teachers

“The Houston Independent School District is looking to recruit more teachers from North Carolina.”

7/24/14 Project for West Charlotte rising freshmen gathers $1,450 in real donations

“The teens who had just finished trying to persuade a panel of donors to give to Loaves & Fishes food pantry were breathing like they’d just sprinted up a flight of stairs.”

7/24/14 School systems anxious for new budget as school year begins

“Three weeks into the new fiscal year, there is still no new state budget and Wake County school board members are anxiously watching for a new plan for teacher raises.”

7/22/14 Emails show lawmaker pushes hard to expand NC’s school voucher program before it gets off the ground

“Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam has long supported school vouchers and successfully co-sponsored legislation that would put 10 million taxpayer dollars into the hands of families wishing to send their children to private schools instead of public ones, beginning this fall.”

7/22/14 McCrory signs bills on Common Core, health care

“The Common Core bill, Senate Bill 812, was ratified July 16 after dissatisfaction in the General Assembly with Common Core. McCrory had previously said he would sign the bill.”

7/21/14 Cumberland hunts for teachers as school approaches

“In about a month, traditional calendar students will jam the hallways of Cumberland County schools. Whether there will be enough teachers there to greet them remains a question.”


7/27/14 NC Educators Skeptical About Teacher Pay Raise Proposal

“State Republican leaders announced late Saturday the General Assembly had agreed on a budget framework.”

7/25/14 Charter School Bill Heads to Governor Despite Controversy

“A controversial new charter school bill heads to the Governor after debate on the house floor.”

7/23/14 State budget battle leaves Wake teacher assistants in limbo

“Whether Josette Beller will be employed on the first day of school is not up to her or her boss.”

7/23/14 Houston school district holds 2nd job fair in Raleigh

“A Texas school district whose superintendent has ties to North Carolina once again held a job fair in Raleigh looking for teachers fed-up with stale salaries in the state.”

7/22/14 CMS Project LIFT Schools Back in Class

“It’s only July, but kids at some CMS Project LIFT schools are already back in class.”

7/22/14 Wake Co. School Board Discusses 5-year Strategic Planning

“The Wake County Board of Education will hold two work sessions on Tuesday.”