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4/12/14 Charters not the answer

“Another charter school, this one in the Charlotte area, has failed and left its students unprepared for end-of-year tests and its teachers jobless.”

4/11/14 Legislative leaders say they will fight for vouchers

“House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate leader Phil Berger say they will ask the state Supreme Court to remove a freeze on the state voucher program so parents can use the $10 million the legislature set aside for private school tuition this fall.”

4/11/14 The Follies

“There’s a more sound way to give teachers the raise they deserve and restore some of the damaging cuts to public schools made in the last year—rethink the unwise tax reductions passed last session that gave millionaires and out of state corporations big tax cuts.”

4/11/14 Lawmakers seek to reinstate school voucher program

“Legislative leaders said Friday that they plan to appeal a judge’s decision that prevents low-income parents from receiving taxpayer money to help with the cost of sending their children to private or religious schools.”

4/11/14 City schools to ask county for full $3.8 million budget increase

“The Chapel Hill-Carrboro school board unanimously voted Thursday night to ask the county for the full $3.8 million in additional money it needs next year, after considering asking for $2.9 million and slashing nearly $1 million from its proposed budget.”

4/10/14 Charter school application process mystifies many

“Ed Sieber wants to open a charter school that would serve grades K-8 in Matthews, a suburb of Charlotte. The school would be called Matthews-Mint Hill Charter Academy.”

4/10/14 The “frustrating” debate about education and teacher pay

“Most of the talk about the General Assembly session that begins next month is about giving teachers a raise, though it is far from clear how many teachers will see an increase and how large the raise will be.”

4/10/14 NC charter official: We didn’t force early closing of StudentFirst Academy

“As a dwindling number of StudentFirst Academy students report for their last day Friday, a state charter school official said the abrupt spring closing was not the state’s plan.”

4/9/14 Tax changes could jeopardize teacher raises

“Tax cuts that state lawmakers passed last year have trimmed the amount of revenue North Carolina is collecting to the point where promised raises for teachers are at risk.”

4/9/14 Legislators say they will work to raise NC teacher pay this year

“A bipartisan group of state lawmakers from Wake County told educators Wednesday that they would try to address concerns about teacher pay during this year’s legislative session.”

4/9/14 Wake schools seek worthy bonuses for specialty teachers

“Wake County schools Superintendent Jim Merrill knows he is taking a risk in proposing bonuses for new special education teachers and for those in math, science, health occupations and family and consumer science.”

4/9/14 Let teachers teach

“The solution to improving our schools is to allow these intelligent, creative, compassionate and hard-working teachers to do what they do best – teach. The solution is not to implement new programs and create “data-driven” schools.”

4/8/14 EpiPen legislation for NC schools hung up in Senate

“A bill that would make epinephrine injectors, commonly known as EpiPens, available in all North Carolina schools remains stalled in the state Senate.”

4/8/14 Wake school board approves signing bonuses for new in-demand teachers

“New highly qualified special education teachers will receive a $1,500 signing bonus if they agree to work for Wake County schools, a financial incentive approved by the school board Tuesday.”

4/8/14 Wake County school board approves some hiring bonuses for new teachers

“The Wake County school system intends to offer hiring bonuses of up to $1,500 to entice hundreds of teachers to sign up for fall positions in such areas as special education, math and science.”

4/8/14 CMS proposed budget includes 3 percent pay increase for employees

“Superintendent Heath Morrison unveiled a proposed budget Tuesday that calls for a $46.2 million increase from the county to help pay for a 3 percent pay increase and other educational improvements.”

4/7/14 Groups appeal ruling in lawsuit over Wake school board voting districts

“The residents and organizations challenging Wake County school board election maps adopted by the General Assembly last year are taking their case to a federal appeals court.”

4/7/14 Merrill makes right step to expand Wake County’s pre-K

“In proposing to expand Wake County’s pre-K programs for at-risk children, schools Superintendent Jim Merrill is taking a needed step.”

4/6/14 Wake County school officials look to expand preK services

“Preschool hasn’t just been getting Ryan Elstob ready for kindergarten, it’s been a life-changing experience for him and his family.”

4/4/14 NC voucher program stays frozen

“The state school voucher plan remains frozen after the N.C. Appeals Court this week rejected requests to lift a lower court’s injunction.”

4/4/14 CMS poll: Should we switch up school hours?

“CMS wants parents and students to weigh in on that question and several others related to school schedules. The district is doing an online survey through April 18, with results to be presented to the school board later this spring.”

4/3/14 Troubled StudentFirst charter school closes abruptly

“A charter school born of high hopes and big promises ended Thursday in anger and tears, as families learned that StudentFirst Academy will close at the end of next week.”

4/3/14 Wake County schools see biggest growth since recession

“The Wake County school system has grown by nearly 3,800 students this school year – the largest increase since before the economic downturn that began in late 2007.”

4/3/14 NC school grades on a downward curve

“North Carolina is one of the few states that has not standardized the 10-point grading scale for its schools.”

4/3/14 The push for accountability for some taxpayer money in education

“It’s not like it is difficult to find startling hypocrisy in what passes for public policy debates these days, but the battle over public education seems especially rife with maddening examples, most of them around the notion of accountability, that teachers and schools should be held to high standards and measurable results for the public dollars they use.”

4/3/14 Veteran teachers anxious as short session nears

“Two hundred million dollars for raises for North Carolina’s beginning teachers — a proposal put forth by Governor Pat McCrory.”

4/2/14 NC court won’t free tax money to private schools

“A North Carolina appeals court is rejecting an effort by a pair of parents to reverse a judge who last month blocked a new law that would have allowed taxpayer money to go for tuition at private or religious schools.”

4/2/14 NC virtual charter schools study urges slow pace

“North Carolina’s statewide school board signaled Wednesday it wants to experiment with an online-only charter school while holding off pressure by for-profit companies seeking a slice of taxpayer education spending.”

4/2/14 NC virtual charter schools study urges slow pace

“North Carolina’s statewide school board signaled Wednesday it wants to experiment with an online-only charter school while holding off pressure by for-profit companies seeking a slice of taxpayer education spending.”

4/2/14 NC improves on school crime, suspensions and dropout rate; Wake figures mixed

“Fewer North Carolina public school students are committing school crimes, getting suspensions, receiving corporal punishment and dropping out, according to new reports on 2012-13 school year data released Wednesday.”

4/2/14 Getting personal: Technology in the classroom, success in the world

“More than ever, technology is turning students from passive observers into active learners in our classrooms. Individual devices and online resources give students choices and let them have more control over their learning while also giving teachers greater time and freedom to work with those who need more attention.”

4/2/14 Dropouts decline in Wake, statewide

“Dropout rates in Wake, Durham and across the state are on the decline along with reported crime acts within schools, according to 2012-13 numbers released Wednesday by the state Department of Public Instruction.”

4/2/14 School crime and violence down in CMS, North Carolina

“Crime, violence and out-of-school suspensions declined in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and public schools across North Carolina last year, a report released Wednesday shows.”

4/1/14 Wake schools seeks more than $1M lost in alleged bail bond scheme

“The Wake County Public School System is taking legal action to recoup more than $1 million it lost in money paid to the courts when criminal defendants skip bond.”

4/1/14 New report details racial gap among US children

“In every region of America, white and Asian children are far better positioned for success than black, Latino and American Indian children, according to a new report appealing for urgent action to bridge this racial gap.”

4/1/14 Wake school system seeks to recover $1M in bail money

“The Wake County school system filed court documents Tuesday to recover more than $1 million in bail money that it charges should have been turned over to the courts and ultimately the district.”

4/1/14 Keep standards high

“North Carolina’s standards make essential academic subjects more rigorous and relevant and challenge students to become critical thinkers and problem-solvers.”

4/1/14 Charlotte charter seeks another year to prepare building

“Stewart Creek High School, one of 11 Charlotte-area charter schools approved to open in August, is seeking an extra year to get its building ready.”


4/9/14 WCPSS hopes extra money will help recruit and retain quality teachers

“Tuesday, the Wake County School Board unanimously voted to re-instate signing bonuses for new teachers hired for difficult-to-fill jobs.”

4/9/14 CMS budget proposal requests increased student support staff funding

“Northwest School of the Arts students performed a skit on suicide Wednesday to show the need for psychological support in schools.”

4/8/14 Wake Co. School Board holds first work session on proposed budget

“The Wake School Board hopes to give all Wake Schools employees, including teachers, a raise in next year’s budget.”

4/5/14 Project Scientist lab promotes STEM education

“Young girls in Charlotte are exploring the answers to some of science’s biggest questions at Project Scientists’ hands-on science lab.”

4/3/14 Closing of Charlotte charter school leaves parents in a quandary

“Hundreds of Charlotte parents are scrambling to find a new school for their children after finding out their charter school is closing its doors in less than two weeks.”

4/1/14 Wake schools seeks to recover $1M lost in alleged bond scheme

“The Wake County Public School System filed more than 300 motions Tuesday to recover money it lost through an alleged scheme involving two former Wake County court clerks and two bail bondsmen.”