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8/14/14 Senate wants to tie teaching assistant money to economic development bill

“Senate leaders are holding a technical fix to the state budget sought by Gov. Pat McCrory, House leaders and school district officials hostage to a package of economic development and sales tax measures passed by the Senate but thus far shunned by the House.”


8/14/14 N.C. Department of Public Instruction forced to eliminate more than 50 jobs that serve struggling schools, technology infrastructure 

“The agency tasked with implementing the state’s K-12 public school laws and policies is coping with a 10 percent funding cut handed down by lawmakers last week by eliminating more than 50 jobs, many of which are devoted to helping struggling schools.”


8/14/14 9 Charlotte-area charter schools set to open

“Nine Charlotte-area charter schools are set to open in the coming weeks, the state Department of Public Instruction said Thursday.”


8/14/14 NC Senate sends House bargain on teacher assistants

“Senate Republicans offered solutions late Thursday to end the General Assembly’s extended work session this year. But they also offered a hard bargain to House members to resolve a problem about teacher assistants by linking it to a sales tax and economic development measure.”


8/13/14 Wake schools propose calendar changes to balance student population

“Wake school leaders are considering converting Ballentine and Wakefield elementary schools to a traditional, 10-month school calendar and adding tracks to some existing year-round schools to balance the student population.”


8/13/14 Home schooling accelerates in North Carolina

“Teachers have been cut, they’ve cut a lot of teacher’s aides, more and more children are having learning disabilities,” she said. “Parents are realizing that children are falling through the cracks. They are finding that home schooling is a way to give their children the education they need.”

8/12/14 School workers miffed by ‘insult’ of a raise

“Legislative leaders have talked a lot this summer about the raises they gave to public school teachers and most state employees, but they don’t have as much to say about the raises for educational support staff in the state budget.”


8/12/14 McCrory scrambling to change the budget he was proud to sign 

“The more days that pass since Governor Pat McCrory signed the state budget, the more confusing that budget becomes, especially when trying to figure out what it means for public schools in North Carolina.”


8/12/14 States get $28M in grants to defray AP exam costs

“The Education Department is announcing $28.4 million in grants to 40 states, Washington, D.C., and the Virgin Islands to reduce the cost of advanced placement exams for low-income students.”


8/12/14 Republican lawmakers defend changes to education

“As a contentious legislative session draws to a close, Republican state lawmakers defended their changes to education during a panel hosted Tuesday by the nonprofit advocacy group MeckEd.”


8/11/14 NC’s education policy changes through the eyes of a student 

“While it’s not clear that state lawmakers have concluded their business in Raleigh for the year, vastly different stories are already being told about the 2013-14 legislative session and, especially, the changes to our public education system.”


8/10/14 Complex NC public school budgeting clouds outcomes

“Why are school districts lamenting cuts and threatening layoffs when the new North Carolina state budget increased overall public school spending by $237 million? And how can lawmakers and Gov. Pat McCrory thump their chests about saving teacher assistant jobs when money earmarked for them declined?”



8/13/14 Educators Continue to Protest Spending Plan

“Educators used a silent protest to vocalize their disapproval of the state’s education spending plan Wednesday.”


8/12/14 CMS Board Members Support Higher Sales Tax for Teacher Salary Increase 

“The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education formally supports raising the sales tax rate to increase teacher salaries.”


8/11/14 NC Billboard Campaign Encourages Teachers to Quit NCAE 

“A message for teachers can be found on North Carolina roadsides throughout the state. Billboards read “Teachers: Want a $450 raise?” This is a reminder from the conservative Civitas Institute to teachers with membership to the North Carolina Association of Educators, or NCAE, that their dues don’t necessarily have to be renewed.”