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4/18/14 Wake GOP blames increase in teacher resignations on Bev Perdue, Common Core

“The Wake County Republican Party is trying to focus the blame for the increase in teacher resignations on former Democratic Governor Bev Perdue and the Common Core State Standards.”

4/18/14 Wake officials weigh expanding pre-K program

“Wake County school officials say they hope to expand pre-kindergarten services by adding more than 200 slots for next school year.”

4/18/14 Brooks: The Common Core circus

“We are pretty familiar with this story: A perfectly sensible if slightly boring idea is walking down the street. Suddenly, the ideological circus descends, burying the sensible idea in hysterical claims and fevered accusations. The idea’s political backers beat a craven retreat. The idea dies.”

4/18/14 The “genius of the market” impacts the teacher pay debate

“Meanwhile, over in the real world, the evidence to the contrary continues to accumulate. One would hope that the latest news from Wake County (“Wake County sees an ‘alarming’ rise in teacher resignations”) would finally convince these folks of the error of their arguments. After all, here is a classic “free market” moment — a point in time in which people are acting on the ground based on rules of “supply and demand.”

4/18/14 Some charter school leaders resist salary disclosure

“Leaders of four Charlotte-area charter schools say they won’t provide the same salary information that other public schools do, even though state education officials say the law requires it.” 

4/18/14 Meck commissioners: County can’t pick up full school raise tab

“The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools superintendent’s request for $27 million in county money to give district employees 3 percent raises is raising doubts among county commissioners, who say that’s asking county taxpayers to assume a state responsibility.”

4/17/14 Wake Schools: 600 teachers have quit this school year

“Wake County Public Schools officials said 600 teachers have quit since the start of the school year, an “alarming” increase in teacher exodus that has the school system concerned.”

4/17/14 Wake County sees ‘alarming’ increase in teacher resignations

“Teacher resignations are up an “alarming” 41 percent this school year, Wake County school leaders said Thursday, in a development they said makes it harder to keep high-quality educators in the classrooms working with students.”

4/17/14 Teacher Turnover Increasing in Wake County Schools, Statewide

“They have no hope of a salary that will allow them to live comfortably without the daily stress and strain and worry about paying for basic things,” Jordan said. “Not to live lavishly but to fulfill basic financial requirements.”

4/17/14 Hundreds of teachers leaving Wake schools; pay cited

“More than 600 teachers of the almost 9,000 employed by the Wake County Public School System left their jobs between July 1, 2013, and April 9, school leaders said Thursday.”

4/17/14 NC charter schools are public, and their salaries must be, to

“William Cobey, Gov. Pat McCrory’s chairman of the State Board of Education, gets some considerable credit for cutting through legal confusion with regard to a fuss over charter schools.”

4/16/14 Tax cuts have undercut raises for all teachers

“No doubt sensing that their attacks on public education – and public school teachers in particular – might backfire on Election Day, Gov. Pat McCrory and Republican legislative leaders grudgingly started flirting with pay hikes for some teachers.”

4/16/14 Tillis and Berger jump into the voucher lawsuit

“Late Monday, House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger made good on their threat to seize the reins from Attorney General Roy Cooper in the school voucher litigation, asking the Supreme Court to let them step in and press their case for letting the voucher program move forward.”

4/16/14 McCrory pushes plan to pay beginning teachers more, hopes for raises for all teachers

“Pay beginning teachers more, and pay veteran teachers more too — if available revenue allows.”

4/16/14 Teacher pay gets hot-potato toss

“I didn’t make it to Raleigh for the final meeting of the General Assembly’s teacher compensation task force,  but the report is online and it’s pretty much as predicted:  This panel is tossing the topic back to legislators and asking them to tap the state Board of Education for another round of study.”

4/16/14 Wake County school leaders to discuss ‘alarming increase in mid-year teacher resignations’

“Wake County school leaders have scheduled a press conference for Thursday afternoon to discuss “the alarming increase in mid-year teacher resignations and the dwindling supply of NC-trained teachers who are qualified to fill the empty positions.”

4/16/14 Starting teacher pay tops governor’s budget list

“Gov. Pat McCrory said Wednesday that raising pay for beginning teachers is the top priority for his education budget for the upcoming year.”

4/15/14 Broad teacher pay hike unlikely, NC political leaders say

“A month before the legislative session reconvenes, the likelihood that all North Carolina teachers will see a pay raise this year appears to be fading.”

4/15/14 Unqualified PTA support for teachers

“Having highly qualified, well-supported, motivated teachers in every classroom is critical to student achievement.”

4/15/14 NC education officials: Charter schools must disclose salaries

“North Carolina’s top education officials now say charter schools must publicly reveal salaries, reversing a March announcement that the independent public schools are exempt from that requirement.”


4/18/14 More students steer away from pursuing teaching careers

“School leaders say North Carolina is on the verge of an education crisis; not just because increasing numbers of teachers are leaving the classroom, but because fewer students are choosing to become teachers as well.”

4/17/14 Wake: 600 of 9,000 teachers resigned in 2013-14

“Teachers in Wake County have been leaving their jobs mid-year at a greater rate than in years past,” Assistant Superintendent Doug Thilman said.”

4/17/14 WCPSS leaders talk about alarming number of teacher resignations

“The Wake County Public School System will talk about what it calls an “alarming” amount teachers who quit mid-school-year.”

4/17/14 Teacher resignations up significantly in Wake County

“More than 600 teachers have walked out of Wake County Schools since the start of the school year.”

4/16/14 Controversial teacher tenure law has first hearing in Superior Court

“The first hearing of the lawsuit over the state’s right to eliminate teacher tenure will be held Wednesday morning in Greensboro.”

4/16/14 Wake County sounds alarm on teacher shortage

“School leaders in Wake County say they’re seeing a disturbing trend among teachers.”