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9/13/14 NC courts sort voucher law, students stay in class

“A North Carolina appeals court could rule as early as this week whether nearly $11 million in taxpayer money should pay tuition for hundreds of low-income children to enroll in private schools.”


9/9/14 The disconnect between the spin and the classroom 

“The propaganda machines on the Right are spinning furiously these days trying to convince people that the folks currently in charge in Raleigh are big supporters of public education.”


9/8/14 Letter from McCrory stirs pot over teacher raises

“When Gov. Pat McCrory wrote to welcome teachers back to the classroom, he touted a “substantial” pay raise that amounted to “an average pay increase of 5.5 percent for teachers.”


9/8/14 North Carolina public education and the muddled history of “parental choice” 

“Historically, the legislative language of “parental choice” in the public education debate has been selectively invoked and used to both expand and reduce state control over K-12 education. The term is not politically neutral, privileging the choices of certain parents over others.”



9/11/14 Elementary School Parents Protest Possible Calendar Change 

“Parents at Mills Park Elementary and middle schools say they want the school calendar to stay as is.”


9/10/14 CMS Leaders Looking at System to Allow Immigrant Parents to Volunteer 

“Charlotte-Mecklenburg school leaders are looking into a new system that would allow immigrant parents to volunteer in schools.”


9/9/14 CMS Still Trying to Hire More Than 100 Teachers

“It’s been nearly two weeks since school started and Charlotte-Mecklenburg school leaders say they’re still trying to hire teachers.”


9/8/14 Group Fights to Keep Opportunity Scholarship Program Alive 

“The president of the Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina says the fight to maintain the opportunity scholarship program will continue.”