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7/19/14 New Sugar Creek Charter high school hopes to launch ‘middle-class lifestyle’

“After 15 years as a K-8 school, Sugar Creek Charter School is adding high school. And its leaders are trying to avoid the path of some of the nation’s most lauded college-prep charter schools.”

7/18/14 The message to lawmakers: teachers are everywhere

“Teacher pay is at the heart of the 2015 budget negotiations right now—and if you’re wondering why, consider this: in 64 of North Carolina’s 100 counties, a school system is that county’s largest employer.

7/18/14 Change would give CMS freshmen a clean slate on eligibility

“Proponents say the change, which is up for a vote Tuesday, will help motivate new high school students at a crucial point in their academic career, even if they struggled in middle school. Ninth-graders will have to meet the GPA and attendance standards first semester to remain eligible second semester.”

7/18/14 Read or flunk: Changing NC law puzzles parents

“Hundreds of Mecklenburg families who sent their children to summer reading camps, believing it was the ticket to fourth-grade promotion, learned this week that North Carolina’s reading rules have changed again.”

7/17/14 NC spent tens of millions on Common Core

“North Carolina has invested tens of millions of dollars to implement the Common Core academic standards that could eventually be abandoned in public schools statewide.”

7/17/14 NC school vouchers may flow before court hearing

“Taxpayer money for private or religious school tuition may start flowing to North Carolina families before a judge rules whether the program is legal.”

7/17/14 N.C. Bill would pit transit against education

“On Wednesday, the Senate Finance Committee passed a revised version of House Bill 1224. It gives all North Carolina counties the right to hold a referendum on whether to raise their sales taxes to a rate of no more than 2.5 percent, with revenues going to either public transportation or education, but not to both.”

7/16/14 Teacher raises could cost local taxpayers

“State lawmakers still can’t come to an agreement over how large of a pay raise they want to give public school teachers.”

7/16/14 Cutting teacher assistants means eliminating school bus drivers and other critical services too

“Senate leaders continue to propose cutting teacher assistants as a way to pay for a significant teacher salary bump, the first teachers have seen in years.”

7/16/14 House and Senate still divided over education, health

“Here, then, are the contending forces in a battle that centers on teacher pay and on health care:”

7/16/14 NC House to consider final Common Core bill

“The North Carolina Legislature is one step away from passage of a bill that repeals the state’s Common Core education standards.”

7/15/14 Charlotte charter school pulls plug on 2014 opening

“Carolina STEM Academy, one of 11 Charlotte-area charter schools that had been approved to open in August, notified families this week that there aren’t enough students to make that happen.”

7/14/14 State budget debate forces painful and unnecessary K-12 choices

“Unfortunately, that seems to be the question that North Carolina lawmakers continue to play at in the fight between the House and Senate over the state’s public education budget.”


7/18/14 NC School Vouchers May Flow Before Court Hearing

“A hearing next week could decide if taxpayer money for private or religious school tuition will be handed out to North Carolina families before a judge rules on if the program is legal.

7/17/14 NC private schools may get taxpayer money before judge rules

“Taxpayer money for private or religious school tuition may start flowing to North Carolina families before a judge rules whether the program is legal.”

7/16/14 Union Co. BOE Faces Parents in Redistricting Plan Injunction Hearing

“The Union County Board of Education faced parents in an injunction hearing Wednesday on the controversial redistricting plan.”

7/16/14 McCrory to sign bill to repeal Common Core

“Gov. Pat McCrory said Wednesday that he plans to sign a bill repealing Common Core, the National standards for education that have drawn the ire of Republicans in many states.”