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8/31/14 What’s happening to Common Core in NC?

“The General Assembly passed a law this summer opponents of Common Core hope will derail its use in North Carolina’s public schools. But the law doesn’t mean the academic standards have been automatically eliminated.”

8/30/14 Buyer’s remorse on Common Core for policymakers?
“Millions of students will sit down at computers this year to take new tests rooted in the Common Core standards for math and reading, but policymakers in many states are having buyer’s remorse.”

8/29/14 Pay raise not enough to keep some teachers in classroom
“Despite the pay raises for teachers included in the new state budget, some veteran teachers say they are fed up with the growing demands of the job and what they see as a lack of respect from state leaders, and they are walking away from the classroom.”
8/29/14 Online charter schools spawn NC debate


“The state budget that Gov. Pat McCrory signed into law earlier this month includes a provision requiring the State Board of Education to authorize two online charter schools to serve K-12 students by next fall.”

8/29/14 Berger makes long-awaited appointments to Common Core review commission 

“Senate leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) is the first to publicly announce his appointments to a legislative commission that will review and make recommendations for modifying the Common Core State Standards.”


8/28/14 The transparent election-year conversion on education 

“Here we go again. The propaganda machines on the Right are kicking back into high gear, trying to convince us in the face of compelling evidence to the contrary that the folks currently running the General Assembly are actually big supporters of public schools.”