New Student Assignment Policy 6200 Approved


On May 21, 2013, the School Board approved a new student assignment policy. There are four factors in the new policy that must be balanced by staff ”to the extent reasonable” when making assignments.

Student Achievement, aimed at providing an optimal opportunity for academic success for all students

Stability, meaning that students will have the opportunity to stay at the same school with their siblings through the exit grades without experiencing involuntary changes in school assignment (This may not be guaranteed if the reassignment is necessary due to opening a new school.)

Proximity, meaning that base assignments will be a reasonable distance of the student’s home

Operational Efficiency, meaning that assignments will optimize the use of school facilities and transportation resources

Get Smart About the Student Assignment Plan

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Great Schools in Wake is pleased that the Wake School Board has approved a new address-based assignment plan for the 2013-14 school year.

GSIW is gratified that many of the elements in the 2013-14 assignment plan proposal include several suggestions made in our April, 2012 Let’s Find a Better Way position paper.  Many of these suggestions were based on the thousands of concerns and suggestions we received from community members.

Among the positive elements of the new plan:

  • Reestablishing address-based assignments that offer families the assurance of a guaranteed school assignment with an option for choice at all grade levels,
  • Providing stability for grade spans so that once children start at a school, they stay at that school, unless a family opts to apply for another assignment
  • The ability for families to enroll their children at their base school, thereby ending the requirement to travel to Cary to enroll at the central office
  • The opportunity for students to “grandfather” at their current schools (with their current level of transportation) if they wish
  • Priority for siblings of students already attending a school
  • Options for choice: magnet, application, year-round and traditional calendar schools

Beginning December 12, 2012, any student who enrolls in WCPSS or moves to a new address within Wake County will be assigned to a base school based on his or her home address.

GSIW Weighs in on Initial Assignment Proposal

On September 18, 2012, WCPSS staff presented an initial proposal for 2013-14 assignment. GSIW members created a summary of our feedback.  We simplified confusing language, raised some concerns and provided specific examples.