What’s New?

School Board Elections 2016: There is finally a resolution on the 2016 school board elections! All 9 districts will be on the November ballot, using maps drawn by the 2011 school board. Visit our elections page for important information & details, including candidates & important dates!

Schools 2016-17 budget: On August 16th the school board approved their 2016-17 school budget with adjustments made to fill a $17.5M funding gap. State allotments for teacher pay were more than expected but other state allotments were too low such as instructional supplies, transportation funds and pay for support staff. Local funds from Wake commissioners were also lower than requested, contributing to the overall shortfall. It’s important to note that of the $1Billion total WCPSS budget, 94% of that goes directly to schools. Finding where to cut $17.5M is a real challenge. Please visit our budget page for more information.


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