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Wake Commissioners & School Board to run in 2018

In 2013, the NC legislature redrew the Wake County school board and commissioner districts. Those maps were thrown out by a District Court judge in 2016 and elections proceeded under the districts drawn after the 2010 census. You can read about the 2016 elections below. While the maps drawn in 2013 were thrown out, the judge still allowed the legislature to take another stab at them. It has been over a year and we are still waiting on new maps. We expected to see them in the fall of 2017 but no new maps have been drafted so candidates have filed to run in districts used since 2010. Part of Senate Bill 325 also put all 7 commissioner seats and all 9 school board seats on the same election cycle, ending a historical trend of staggered terms. It is egregious that the NC legislature has put these boards in a position to potentially flip with one election cycle. Staggered terms protect institutional knowledge and experience and is good governance.Wake commission candidates filed in February and all 7 incumbents filed to run. There was a primary for 5 of the incumbents and school board candidates filed June 11th- July 6th.

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All 9 school board districts will be on the ballot in November 2018. Filing for school board ended on July 6, 2018. Five incumbents will keep their seats as they are unopposed. Three incumbents have challengers and District 1 will elect a new board member as Donald Agee, the incumbent, did not file for reelection. Here is the full list of candidates:

District 1: 

  • Don Mial
  • Heather Scott
  • Jim Thompson

District 2: Monika Johnson-Hostler, incumbent, unopposed

District 3: 

  • Roxie Cash, incumbent
  • Shaun Pollenz

District 4: Keith Sutton, incumbent, unopposed

District 5: 

  • Jim Martin, incumbent
  • Logan Martin

District 6: Christine Kushner, incumbent, unopposed

District 7: Kathy Hartenstine, incumbent, unopposed

District 8: 

  • John Crowe
  • Lindsay Mahaffey, incumbent
  • Bob Melone

District 9: Bill Fletcher, incumbent, unopposed

Wake County 2018 Commissioner Candidates

All seven seats of the Wake County Commission will be on the ballot in November. County commissioners provide local funding for our public schools including capital funds for our buildings. Chair Jessica Holmes and incumbent James West are running unopposed. There will be new commissioners elected in districts 4 and 7. Wake county voters can vote in all 7 of these races because commissioner candidates run county-wide.

District 1: 

  • Sig Hutchinson, incumbent
  • Greg Jones
  • Tim Jowers

District 2:

  • Matt Calabria, incumbent
  • Frann Sarpolus

District 3: Jessica Holmes, incumbent, unopposed

District 4:

  • Kim Coley
  • Susan Evans

District 5: James West, incumbent, unopposed

District 6: 

  • Greg Ford, incumbent
  • David Blackwelder

District 7:

  • Vickie Adamson
  • Alex Moore

Important Facts on voting in NC: 

  • Early voting begins in Wake County on October 17, 2018. View locations and hours here.
  • Election Day is November 6, 2018.
  • You will not need an ID to vote in 2018.
  • There is no straight ticket voting.  You must mark every single candidate and turn the ballot over to finish voting.
  • *Same day registration is available ONLY during Early Voting. Click here for what to bring with you to register to vote during Early Voting.
  • Eligible voters can vote in one of three ways: on Election Day, absentee by mail, or at an early voting location

Important Resources:

Wake Co. Board of Elections: www.wakegov.com/elections

Not sure if you’re registered at your current address? Need to find your polling place? Want to see your sample ballot? Visit: http://www.wakegov.com/elections/voters/Pages/default.aspx

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